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Safety tip #6

BWNW - BridgeWater Neighbourhood Watch
Published by in Safety · 9 October 2019
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Safety tip #6

Bridgewater, we are not traffic controllers but we would like to bring you to the attention
of a few rules of the road.
There seems to be an abundance of speeding and running stop streets in the area not only
by passers through but by residents as well. I know we know our roads and may be in a
rush during our busy lives but the fact the we as residents don't respect the rules in our
neighborhood only encourages passers through to do the same.

Let us set an example to the people racing through our neighborhood by driving the
speed limit and stopping as much as possible at the Stop streets.
There are cameras monitoring the main intersections in case of reckless incidents,
please drive safely and be vigilant Bridgewater.

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