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Safety tip #1
Adding a BWNW sticker to your car helps patrollers and community members identify which vehicles belong to Bridgewater residents.
This helps with identifying suspicious vehicles who may be involved with potential criminal activity!
Also please remember to make no valuables visible in your vehicle when parked on the streets wherever you may be!
You can purchase these BWNW stickers at a current special price of R10 which will go towards further safety projects within the area.
Please send us a message to get your stickers today!

Safety tip #2
When identifying a suspicious individual, vehicle or activity please try and identify as much detail as possible.
This helps with all relevant authorities that need to be informed about the situation.
1) Clothing description
2) What activity is making you uneasy
3) Name the closest intersection, road or complex so that
response can be as efficient as possible
Please stay vigilant Bridgewater, let's keep our community safe! Have a lovely long weekend!

Safety tip #3
There has been a spike in muggings of domestic workers recently, we ask you to consider a few small things during the winter.
1) They days are short so many domestic and casual workers need to walk in the dark which is dangerous, please assist with transport where you can.
2) Educate your workers on the happenings in Bridgewater so they are aware if they may be a target.
3) If you can avoid paying your workers In cash do so, mobile money is a much safer option as they are not at risk of having there money stolen from them walking home from work.
4) Remind them if they walk alone and with earphones in, they are vulnerable to criminals as they cannot hear movement behind them!
Lets keeps our workers safe Bridgewater!

Safety tip #4
There have been recent incidents of criminals/scamsters posing as municipal workers/city of cape town officials.
If someone approaches your home make sure to ask for identification and if you are not convinced rather
check with the community and COCT. Please inform your domestic workers of this as well and instruct them
not to let potential criminals into your property. We are in the process of setting up a communication conduit
for domestic workers in Bridgewater and will keep you informed.
Also if the suspected individuals have a foreign accent there is is a very good chance they are not from COCT.

Safety tip #5

Good day Bridgewater. Please remember to watch your gate close when entering or leaving your property to ensure it closes properly and that no
one is trying to sneak in behind you!
Also considering waiting in the road for your gate to open/close to avoid being potentially boxed In by potential criminals.

With bin day around the corner there will be higher foot traffic with potential criminals learching and an open gate is an easy target.

Stay safe and vigilent Bridgewater

Safety tip #6

Bridgewater, we are not traffic controllers but we would like to bring you to the attention
of a few rules of the road.
There seems to be an abundance of speeding and running stop streets in the area not only
by passers through but by residents as well. I know we know our roads and may be in a
rush during our busy lives but the fact the we as residents don't respect the rules in our
neighborhood only encourages passers through to do the same.

Let us set an example to the people racing through our neighborhood by driving the
speed limit and stopping as much as possible at the Stop streets.
There are cameras monitoring the main intersections in case of reckless incidents,
please drive safely and be vigilant Bridgewater.

Safety tip #7

Bridgewater Neighbourhood Watch in association with ADT would like to roll out the
Bridgewater Neighbourhood Watch in association with Fidelity ADT would like to roll out the

Whistle-blower Project initiative in the neighbourhood
for members and anyone working in Bridgewater
i.e. gardeners and domestic workers.

The idea is that anyone in possession of a whistle are able to use it should they feel threatened
or if they being robbed. The whistle has been proven to be a great deterrent and will alert any
neighbour in the vicinity to hopefully assist.

Please support this initiative and help keep our streets in Bridgewater safe to enjoy.

Should you want to partake, contact us through the community group, website,
Facebook page or email:
Safety tip #8
  1. Make house numbers easily visible day and night.
  3. Trim back bushes on pavements and remove low hanging branches.
  5. Create movement in your home – timer-activated lights, TVs etc.
  7. Ensure that your property, including the driveway area, is well lit.
  9. Test your alarm before departing.
  11. Exchange telephone numbers with your neighbours and inform them if you are going away and your destination.
  13. If at all possible get your neighbours to put out your wheelie bin with some of their rubbish on bin collection day.
  15. Give them the name of your security company and the telephone number.
  17. Make sure there is a key holder available in your absence should the security company need access to your property.
  19. Make arrangements for daily collection of your mail and newspapers – it is a dead give-away to criminals when they see post and newspapers piling up.
  21. If you are flying do not put your home address or home phone number on your luggage tags.
  23. Wherever possible do not use your home address or phone number on registration forms when checking into hotels, going through border control posts etc.
  25. When out and about don’t leave your handbag slung over the back of your chair - always keep it in sight.
  27. I know this one will cause some consternation but here goes:  when driving and walking around town, try to avoid wearing flashy jewellery, heavy gold chains and bracelets etc. These items are easy pickings for opportunistic criminals and we are currently experiencing a spike in common robberies. There… I’ve said it and I know I might have to bear the wrath of some clients by doing so but rather safe than sorry!
  29. Be cautious and survey your surroundings before driving into your premises.
  31. Please ensure you always have sufficient petrol/diesel in your tank and that your spare wheel is pumped up.
Last but not least ... do not let anyone into your home or property unless you are absolutely sure who they are.  If in doubt, contact the relevant company or institution the person represents.
Thanks to HCW....
Safety tip #9

Bin day please flatten the boxes to be Safe
Safety tip #10

Please help your Neighbors . Lets keep crime down in Bridgewater....
Safety tip #11

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